Life Is Precious

“The Journey of Life”

One Day Retreat - Hosted by the Fairfax Knights of Columbus
St. Luke’s Catholic Church, Huntville Road, Fairfax, VT 
Saturday, May 20th, 2017
8:30am- 3:00pm 

8:00am- There will be coffee and donuts available in the parish hall prior to the start of the retreat                                                


Fr. Henry Furman -

Children are the crowning gift of marriage, but many couples suffer from infertility. This talk looks at the "reproductive technology" industry that has emerged to provide a solution. Is it licit to manufacture human life? Does anyone have a right to a child? Do these techniques and therapies truly promote the good and flourishing of the man and woman? What about the innocent human life produced? Is conception in glass (in vitro) in keeping with human dignity? What about the destruction of embryos? or their freezing? Does the technique assist the marriage act or replace it?


Mary Beerworth – Director of Vermont Right to Life -

Vermont Right to Life covers all aspects of preserving life. 

What are the challenges Vermont Right to Life Committee faces in VT?

Mary will also touch on very important issues such as Abortion, Physician Assisted Suicide, along with the Vermont Right to Life Committees newest addition: promoting adoption!



Celebration of the Holy Eucharist  


11:00 – Lunch -   A Potluck lunch will be provided by the Fairfax Knights of Columbus


Bob and Kathy B. -

What is Natural Family Planning? - How does using NFP work with Family Planning and beyond?


Jackie Becker -    "Adoption: A Beautiful Life"

Jackie’s own story of growing up as an adopted child

Laurie Q. -    “Amazing Grace”

A Personal Testimony 

Our very own Maria R. won First Place this year in Vermont's Life Is Precious Contest.  Check out her video.

Also, Marie L. won 3rd place for her poster shown below.

Be sure to visit:
Vermont Right to Life (VRLC) -
National Right to Life (NRLC) -

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